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500 years after the Great War.

After several centuries of the Calm, Sora is long over due for some turmoil. With the purifists movement beginning its second rising, after being nearly extinguished at the end of the Great War, tensions again begin to grow between demons and mortals throughout the strongholds of the four regions: Samir, Tirta, Angi and Tlaloc. Though whispers of Paradise have returned to the breath of Sora's citizens – its existence is but a myth to most people of Sora. The Heavenly realm created by the mighty goddess, Sora, for the souls of those who bore the blood of the goddess's love. Only those who bleed the blood of both mortal and demon kind are considered Sora's 'true' children; however only the Mahatman people are under the full understanding of this. The religion praising love and acceptance of all bloods while the other beliefs are more content to dominate all of Sora or separate themselves entirely from all others. Within the land of Sora, there are three dominating groups that dwell within the regions: The Mahatman, the Domina and the Purifists.

The Mahatman are the oldest group that dwell among the ruins of Sora, however they are currently the smallest population. During the Great war, those of the Mahatman way were hunted down and exterminated; nearly wiping out all members of the religion. The Mahatman people consist of demons and mortals alike – their desire being only to fulfill Sora's will: for the world to be united under one blood. The Mahatman believe that this pertains to the creation of the demonites (part mortal and demon) – the perfect creation consisting the humanity of the mortals and the divine capabilities of the demon races. The Mahatman believe only the soul of a demonite is allowed access to Paradise. The leader of the Mahatman way is a Demonite named Warwick “The Wise” Uriel . Wise and thoughtful, Warwick retains a peaceful title within the land. The kind hearted demonite travels the broken regions, reviving the lost words of sora and helping all who are in need as he goes. Warwick wanting nothing but peace and harmony among Sora's people. Warwick, though is naturally peaceful, is a powerful foe in the throws of battle.

Another group within Sora is the Domina; this being the second oldest group within the land while also being the second largest in population. Like the Mahatman followers, the Domina were also hunted and exterminated during the Great War; cutting their populations greatly during the war. The Domina consist of demons; the pure-bloods banding together against the mortals and Demonites of the land. Their desires are split between exterminating all mortals from this world of magic and separating themselves entirely; wanting to flee to paradise. The leader of the Demonites is a Minotaur named Bojan “The Cruel”. The demon Lacks humanity, is very racist and easily angered. Bojan is very aggressive and his stubborn ways make him difficult to deal with. The Minotaur’s brutal strength often speaking for him. He speaks for all demon kind, believing that they are the 'true children' Sora spoke of in the old time.

The last group within Sora call themselves the Purifists. Being the newest and currently largest population in Sora, the Purifists consist of all mortals and non-magic people. They refer to themselves as the 'Pure Ones' and want nothing less of complete and total elimination of any and all non-purifists. During the Great war, the Purifists were the smallest of the three groups that ruled Sora; however, they began to grow dramatically in population as the creation and use of alchemic military forces began to help spread their beliefs throughout the lands by force. Due to the fear of alchemy corrupting the world, the Purifists population suffered a massive loss at the end of the Great War. Over the last 500 years, their population has slowly been recovering and with the ban on alchemy being ignored; their military powers too are slowly returning. The leader of the Purifists movement is a man by the name of Gituku Gethen; his bitter ideals and hateful view on non-mortals fueling the creation of the Purifists. The man feeding off of the fear and hate mortals hold towards demon kind.

At the end of the Great War, all three leaders were turned to stone and banished to different ends of Sora; left to be lost and forgotten by the jackal demi-god Hototo in a last effort to stop the fighting. Their shrines tucked away within ruins and forgotten temples deep within Sora's wilderness, preserving them through the decades as the world would change and progress without them. Though they are gone and have been missing for hundreds of years, new leaders and influences have arisen within Sora to continue their inspired missions. With the absence of the mighty goddess Sora and her guardian children, they too became but legends and myths to the people of the lands.

Month's of the year
Fra / Month of Spring / 600 days
Jiera / Month of Summer /1000 days
Nolu / Month of Fall / 300 days
Dreklen / Month of Winter /1000 days

Technology – After the Great War, technology became greatly crippled. The purifists movement that had almost been smited from Sora's plane slowly growing over the land once more. The continuation of weaponry and science slow to continue from where it had left off. Guns are hard to come by, tending to be possessed by nobles and select groups of mercenary groups and assassins. Military equipment is found souly within the purifists possession – the pure ones utilizing the military's brute strength to enforce their will. For all others, weaponry available vary. Swords, bows and arrows, war axes, ect.

Other aspects of technology are also crippled due to the Great War. Electricity limited to Fuu and Momoka due to their preserved ways of gathering energy from the winds of the Hiland plains and the waters of the mighty Kaito river. Both cities utilizing the endless source of energy to light their massive cities and power generators used for various purposes : charged coil furnaces to heat homes, efficient plumbing for homes , ect.

In medicine, the use of herbs in medicine is still prominently used throughout Sora. Potions and elixirs created by mages or healers often used in unison with most herbalists practices. As the purifists movement grows more strength, advances in medicine are slow to react. Alchemists often working in secret – conducting cruel and inhumane experiments for the sake of science.

For transportation, the utilization of horses and horse drawn carriages are still used all across Sora. Rumors of the use of metal machines and of limitless technologies within the Tlaloc region peppering the gossip of the Samir Region. The Tlaloc region protected by massive and endless span of mountains – greatly protected by the influences of the Great War. Alchemy and ancient knowledge rumored to be preserved within the region of earth. Within the Tlaloc region is legends of an island that is home to highly advanced technologies- their influence remaining to the shores of their island, separated from the rest of Sora.

*NOTE: Characters that utalize technology/futeristic equipment IS allowed and there IS a place in Sora where such technology exsists. That region, however, is not available to RP in currently.

Map of Sora

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Regions of Sora

Samir ::: Tlaloc ::: Angi ::: Tirta

Samir Region


Region: East

Named after the Soran Gaurdian, Samir; Sora's child of the wind.

Samir is the most diverse of the four regions; consisting a multitude of different climates and geographical differences. Different climates include: desert, prairie/grassland, jungle/rain forest, swampland and mountain. The Samir region is also the land that took the hardest blow during the long grueling years of the Great War. Of the original ten, SIX strong holds remaining after the war: Mamoka, Arashi, Orenda, Tenma, Maza and Fuu.

Tlaloc Region


Region : North

Named after the Soran Gaurdian, Tlaloc; Sora's child of earth.

The Tlaloc region is the coldest of the four territories; remaining in a winter-like state all year around. It is filled with towering mountains with few pockets of wooded evergreens between chains of stone and earth. Beyond the mountains lies a frozen tundra surrounding one massive mountain, Mt. Sani. Because of the harsh temperatures, rough terrain and unforgiving mountains, the Tlaloc region was greatly protected from the Great War. Being nearly untouched all together as all armies that attempted to breach the mountain passages were lost to the wild or died of starvation before they could find their way through the mountains. Because of this, Alchemy and the study of science were not hindered within this region; allowing for better technology and medical advances throughout the territory. There are a total of TWO holds that remain after the war, (the third was destroyed during the war and left in ruins. Rumored to have been crushed by the mountains themselves): Tuwa and Waki.

Angi Region


Region: East

Named after the Soran Gaurdian, Angi; Sora's child of fire.

Angi has the warmest climate of the four regions; remaining hot and humid all year around. This region is occupied by three active volcanoes that continuously breath humid, molten vapor into the air at all hours of the day and night. A large portion of the Deadwood Jungle lies within Angi, this section of jungle being dangerously humid and full of cannibalistic demons, protected by 'the Wall' from the volcanoes on the other side of the mountains. The air is hot and thick with ash and soot from the volcanoes, making breathing the air harmful to most mortal dwellers. The continuous supply of minerals from deep within the earth from the sky above (through the frequent 'Volcano Blooms'), causes many of the water sources in Angi to be toxic to most humans. The fire fields are much like the grasslands of Highland plains, however the blood red pigment of the foliage within Angi and the plant lifes love of heat and acidic soil make it quite different. Though it often rains within Angi, the land is very dry. The heat from the volcanoes making it often too hot for moisture to reach the ground. The evaporating liquid only adding to the thick humidity that blankets the region all year long. Due to the hot climate and overwhelming populations of mortal hating demons, the Angi region was touched very little by the Great War. Of the five, TWO holds remain within Angi, Fiarpi and Amboy. The other three were burned and destroyed by the demons living within Angi during the war to purge the mortals from the region.

Besides the hot air and humid climate, Angi is a rather treacherous and gloomy region. Sora's sun is rarely seen in the region of fire through the thick, dark clouds of ash soot that loom over Angi continuously. During the day, the sky glows a dark gray while red paints the southern and eastern horizons where Mt. Bodaway and the twin volcanoes Mt. Uut and Mt. Yu reside.

Tirta Region


Region: South

Named after the Soran Guardian Tirta; Sora's child of water.

Tirta's climate is warm and humid; often remaining thick with humidity for the duration of the year until winter cools the region off. The southern territory undergoes torrential rainfall on a daily basis, filling its maze of rivers and lakes and creating a 'swamp-like' climate for the region. Due to the lack of protection from mountains, Tirta was effected greatly by the Great War; Having once been the strongest of the four regions in population and advances in technology. Though the endless string of lakes and rivers made travel incredibly difficult for all sides involved, the losses were not great enough to prevent the devastation Tirta suffered at the hands of the chaos. Of the twelve holds, TWO remain after the war: Ura and Elden. The other ten lay in watery ruins throughout Tirta; now home to the wild demons that live within the treacherous water-filled lands while others are inhabited by small tribes of people seeking shelter from the wilderness of Tirta.

Aside from the humid temperatures and devastating losses, Tirta is a beautiful, tropical region. The air is fresh and clean, the waters clear and full of fish-life and the plant life is abundant and untouched for thousands of years. The people living within the region can live easily off of the land; harvesting that multitude of edible fruits, nuts, roots, wild vegetables and plants. The land providing rich, healthy soil to farm water-loving edibles while the rivers and lakes provide all the fish and small marine life one could want to eat. While food is plentiful for Tirta's remaining people, it is also plentiful for the plethora of predators that lurk within Tirta's deep waters and thick forests. Predators here have been rumored to be massive in size and have been around for eons; the decrease in population greatly effecting the growth of their populations. Aside from predators, there are also poisons frogs, fish, plants/ berries and snakes.


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